Pricing Transparency and Provider Ratings Allows Customers to Shop for the Best Health Care.


For Consumers:
Comparative pricing information for medical procedures at different providers.
Cash ~reward if choose low-cost provider.

Information about provider quality of care (e.g., patient ratings, outcome measures, volume of procedures), provided by customers of Vitals and made available to all. The more adoption, the more information.

Value Proposed

For Consumers:
Agency. Transparency of pricing and/or cash reward.
Avoid surprise of large, unexpected bills for uncovered costs, especially with high-deductible insurance plans.

For Insurance Companies:
Costs lowered (in amounts much larger than the consumer cash rewards) when policyholders choose lower-cost providers for covered procedures. Allows for influencing consumers’ choice of lower-priced providers.

For Employers:
Influence on insurance contract pricing. Costs lowered for contracts with insurance companies when employees choose lower-cost providers.

Key Resources Leveraged Pricing & Industry Information Held By Insurers.
Plus: Adoption of Offering Allows for New Resource of Quality of Care Information.
Societal Progress  “Profit.”
Catalyze change toward efficiency of market economy for health care.


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