Khan Academy

“You only have to know one thing … You can learn anything.”   Offering Free online library of instructional videos. Covering multiple subjects, one step at a time, from beginner to advanced. Value Proposed For Students Anywhere on Planet: Videos designed for “successful learning.” Painless learning that encourages wanting to know more. For Schools:

Teach for America   Offering For Graduating College Seniors: Two-year paid opportunity to teach in high-poverty public schools, as member of teaching corps called “Teach for America.” Training during summer between graduation & first teaching year. For Low-Income U.S. School Districts: High academic achievers who want to teach in their schools. Where status quo already includes hiring

Prison Entrepreneurship Program

“Many inmates come to prison as seasoned entrepreneurs who happened to run illegitimate businesses.” Offering In-Prison Entrepreneurship “Bootcamp.” For Graduates: Lifetime Support Upon Prison Release Value Proposed To Inmates: Engage strengths toward legal enterprise.   Key Resources Leveraged by Way of Offering: i. Demonstrated entrepreneurial talent of certain inmates. ii. Program founder’s knowledge of